Advanced Excel Training Course Contents Without VBA

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Course Contents of Advanced Excel Training Program without Excel VBA:
  1. Excel Quick Overview: Use of Excel, its boundaries & features
  2. Data Formatting & Custom settings: Number, Text, Date, Currency, Custom settings.
  3. Data validation: prevent wrong data entry in your specified format.
  4. Getting data into an Excel worksheet – manual entry or from other programs like Notepad and databases.
  5. Conditional Formatting: Once defined, it will automatically change color of values e.g. up or down, high or low, pass or fail, profit or loss etc.
  6. Filters, Queries & Data Sorting: Drill down your data to your desired level. Sort data based on your choice e.g. like North, East, West, South rather than alphabetically.
  7. Formula Writing & Fixing Errors: Financial, Logical, Text, Day and Time, Statistical, Mathematical etc Sum, Average, Count, Minimum, Maximum, Absolute, Concatenate, Count, CountA, CountBlank, CountIf, Day, Today, Even, Exact, Exp, Find, Int, Is Blank, Left, Len, Lower, Upper, Proper, Now, Power, Rank, Right, Round, Trim etc.
  8. If-Then-Else & Nested If commands: Produce different set of results based on slabs, conditions.
  9. Vlookup / Hlookup: You have large amount of data placed at different locations & you want to merge it based on common values & its relevance.
  10. Graphs & Charts: You will learn how to create, modify & update graphs / charts like Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter, 3D etc.
  11. Hyper / Data Linking: Hyper & data linking, within or outside Worksheet / Excel File are important features that help update data automatically.
  12. Grouping - Ungrouping: Sometimes data needs to be grouped for summarized results & crisp view.
  13. Pivot Tables: Summarize your data as per your desire. You need to select data in a range & produce consolidated results in user defined reporting formats.
  14. Macro recording, use, editing, linking: Record, edit & use Macros with little or no programming knowledge. Macros are useful for automating tasks in Excel.
  15. Creating custom functions for calculating, for example, compound interest.
  16. Security & Protection: It will help you protect your cells, worksheet or an Excel file from unauthorized use.
  17. Question and Answers for 'very specific' queries
Fees: Rs.4500/-
Course in Excel Visual Basic for Applications (Excel VBA)


1 Create a Macro

2 Excel Macro Recorder

Basic Terminology

1 Macro Security

2 Visual Basic Editor

3 Macro Comments

4 MsgBox

5 Macro Errors

6 Debug Macros

7 Objects, Properties and Methods

8 Workbook and Worksheet objects

9 Application Object


1 Variables

2 String Manipulations

3 Calculations

4 If Then Statement

5 Cells

6 Loops

7 Logical Operators

8 Range object

9 Events

10 Arrays

11 Functions and Sub


1 Textbox

2 Listbox

3 Combobox

4 Checkbox

5 Option Buttons

6 Userform

7 Dates and Time

Fees: Rs.6000/- 
Place of training:
S-203, Greater Kailash-2
New Delhi-110048

Training style: Mostly individual or in small batches of maximum 5 people

Training period: One month each  (1.5 hours on alternate days, for example: Mon, Wed and Friday) or two full days Saturday & Sunday (10 a. m. to 6 p. m.)

Timings: Can be decided mutually

Trainer: Dinesh K Takyar (Ph. D.)

Mobile: 9810081867

Online training via Skype possibe: Rs. 750 per hour or $15 per hour: Skype ID - dktakyar
Excel 2007 Excel 2003 Macros Excel 2007 Macros Excel 2003 Excel 2010