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Many Microsoft Excel users who begin to learn Excel VBA have often asked these two questions like Michael, one of our website visitors:
I have just started learning Microsoft Excel VBA. Can you please help me with two problems?
1. What statement must be used to 'end' a macro?
2. What happens if you insert an apostrophe at the beginning of a macro statement? Thanks.
P. S.: I'm using MS Excel 2003.

The macro code:
Sub finalprice()
'Range("D2").Value = Range("B2").Value + Range("C2").Value * Range("B2").Value
MsgBox ("Please remove the apostrophe to perform the calculation")
End Sub

We can often use the apostrophe to try out different versions of our macro code. Once we are satisfied with our final working we can delete the commented code or keep it for future reference.

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