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Send an Excel document in an e-mail message

Send Excel document in e-mail message: To send a document as an e-mail message (not as an attachment), you need to add the Send to Mail Recipient command to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can either right-click on the Quick access toolbar next to the Microsoft Office button, then select 'Customize Quick Access Toolbar...' or click on the Microsoft Office button, select Excel Options..., then select 'customize' option on the extreme left, then click on the drop-down arrow below 'Choose commands from:', select 'All Commands', finally select 'Send to email recipient' and click on the 'Add >>' button in the center to add the item to the quick access toolbar and complete the process by clicking on 'OK'. The 'email' icon appears on the quick access toolbar for immediate use.

Send a document as an attachment

This is quite an easy process. Click on the Microsoft Office button, select 'send' from the pop-down menu and finally click on 'Email'. You can also send the email as a PDF or XPS (XML Paper Sheet) document. Both the above features help the user to collaborate with others quickly.

Send Excel document in e-mail message