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Performing basic calculations in Excel using cell addresses

The importance of the 'cell address' cannot be stressed enough. In fact, you can access data in any worksheet or workbook if you know the cell address and then performing calculations in Excel is really a breeze!.
  • Use the value at the cell address rather than the value itself to do calculations in Excel
  • You can do the calculation by multiplying the value '99.9' in Excel cell 'b2' with the value 12 in Excel cell 'c2'
  • You can also calculate the result using '=b2*c2'
  • The latter gives you complete flexibility and power of Microsoft Excel
  • You can copy the formulas
  • You can make corrections quickly
  • All the values connected with the corrected Excel cell get updated automatically
  • Refer to the Excel training video above to understand the concept better.
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