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Data validation in Excel using named lists can improve your productivity substantially

How to implement data validation using named lists in Excel:
  • Create a list of names on the Excel worksheet as shown below
  • Select the list
  • Now click on 'Insert' in the menu bar
  • Select Name
  • Select 'Define Name..'
  • In the 'Define Name' dialogue box under 'Names in workbook' define a name like 'names' for the list
  • Then click on 'Data' in the menu bar
  • Select 'Validation...'
  • In the 'Data Validation' Window under 'Validation criteria' and under 'allow' click on the drop-down arrow and select 'list'.
  • Under the source field write '=names'. This is the name you defined earlier for the range of selected Excel cells starting with 'Tom'.
  • Finish by clicking 'OK'
  • A drop-down arrow appears on the selected cells under the column heading 'Name'
  • Clicking on this arrow shows a list of names from which you can select
  • This name then fills the cell
  • Refer to the Excel training video

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