Excel 2003 Macros [VBA] Training

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  1. What is a macro?
  2. Recording a macro
  3. Recorded macro code
  4. Simple Macro - How to write your first macro
  5. Entering data using a macro
  6. Formula macro
  7. Let's write another macro in VBA to perform calculations
  8. Creating a new workbook
  9. Opening a workbook
  10. Referring to sheets by Index Number
  11. Referring to sheets by name
  12. Referring to ranges using the A1 notation
  13. Referring to cells using index numbers (r1c1 reference)
  14. Refer to rows and columns in macros
  15. Referring to cells by using shortcut notation
  16. Referring to named ranges
  17. Referring to cells relative to other cells
  18. Referring to cells by using a range object
  19. Referring to all cells on the worksheet
  20. Referring multiple ranges
  21. Looping through a range using a FOR NEXT LOOP
  22. Selecting and activating cells
  23. Working with 3-D Ranges
  24. Working with active cells
  25. Using a command button
  26. Calling a Worksheet Function
  27. A macro using the PMT function
  28. Creating a custom dialog box - Step 1
  29. Adding controls to the user form - Step 2
  30. Adding code to controls - Step 3
  31. How to capture data from a user form to an Excel worksheet
  32. How to compare the captured data with the login data to verify a user
  33. Calendar control tool
  34. Date and time picker tool
  35. 'FOR LOOP' macro
  36. For Each... Next loop
  37. CurrentRegion property
  38. Data Forms
  39. Troubleshoot a macro
  40. A macro for formatting & calculations
  41. Pay-Packet calculation with a macro
  42. Creating custom functions
  43. Macro for text handling
  44. Nested loops macro to delete duplicates
  45. A sample project
  46. Running multiple macros in a worksheet
  47. Attaching the above macro to a command button
  48. Offset cell property - an interesting macro
  49. Macro in Excel for inventory solution
  50. Charts and VBA
Home Excel 2003 Macros Excel 2007 Excel 2007 Excel 2010