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Import data from databases after filtering into Excel

You can import data from databases after filtering into Excel for further analysis because Excel provides excellent formulas, functions and tools for data analysis. You can also get information in the database itself by using queries but this can be time consuming. If the query is complicated then writing a query in a database can be extremely challenging. Using the filter functions like autofilter and advanced filter and formulas you can perform many analysis quickly and easily. Analysis in Excel is intuitive. Also creating charts and graphs is done easily.

How to implement data import from MS-Access into Excel:
  • Click on 'Data' in the menu bar
  • Select 'Import External Data'
  • Select 'New database Query...'
  • From 'Choose New data Source' select 'MS Access database'
  • From 'Select Database' and under 'Database Name' navigate to 'Northwind.mdb'
  • In our case the 'Northwind.mdb' file was located in the 'C:\program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\SAMPLES' folder
  • Follow the instructions as shown in the Excel training video below. Please note that the video is about 27 MB and you'll have to be patient till it downloads and plays.

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