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Refer to cells by using the shortcut notation in a macro

You can refer to cells by using shortcut notation like the A1 reference style or a named range within brackets [...] as a shortcut for the Range property.
You don't have to type the word "Range" or use quotation marks, as shown in the following examples.
Sub ClearRange()
End Sub

Sub SetValue()
[MyRange].Value = "B"
End Sub
In the following Excel training video, two macros demonstrate how to clear the contents of an Excel range and how to fill data in Excel cells in a named range.

Implementing the macros:
  • Click on Tools in the menu bar, select Macro and then select Visual Basic Editor from the options that pop-up
  • In the VBA editor click on insert and select Module
  • In the workspace type the above two macros and run them one by one by clicking in their respective areas and the then clicking on the '>' run button or pressing F5 from the keyboard
  • In the first instance the data from the range [B4:B7] is cleared
  • In the second macro the defined named range MyRange (b4:B7) gets filled with  B
  • You'll notice that this method helps to avoid typing errors especially if you write many lines of code

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