Macro Training in MS Excel

Writing Macro - VBA Editor

Another example about writing macro in VBA editor to calculate the total of salary and perks.
To write a macro in Microsoft Excel you need a knowledge of the programming language Visual Basic for Applications(VBA). VBA is easy to learn and gives you a powerful tool to automate your work in Microsoft Excel. Also you can create new applications in Microsoft Excel if you can write macros. Practice will make you perfect.

  • Click on Tools in the menu bar.
  • Select Macro.
  • Select Visual Basic Editor.
  • In the Visual Basic editor window, select 'Insert' from menu bar.
  • Select Module.
  • Start writing your code as demonstrated.
  • First we write the name of the macro myMacro()
  • Next we access cell address C2 and assign it the  value of B2 (salary).
  • We access D2 and assign it the value of sum of C2 and B2.
  • In this manner the total salary package is calculated.
The idea is to practice and learn how to create macros using the VBA editor.
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