Create Parameter Query

How to create a parameter query in Microsoft Access.

Watch the video below:

How to create a parameter query in Microsoft Access.

In my last video I had shown how to create a query using the ‘design’ view and the query wizard. In this query we had displayed the student details, course details and the payment amounts. We had also created a calculated field called ‘Balance Due’ which calculated for us automatically the balance due from students to the computer learning center. This was done using the expression: BalanceDue: [CourseFees]-Sum([PaymentAmount])

When we run this query we get the details of all the students who have taken the different course offered. Now what if we wish to see the details of the students who have taken a specific course, let’s say. Excel VBA. Here we need to create a parameter query by doing the following: In the criteria row under the column course name we write ‘[enter course name]’. The image below shows how this is to be done. You can open the image in a new window or watch the video again.

Parameter Query

When we run this parameter query we get the following result:

Parameter Query with parameter ‘Excel VBA’

If we run the query with MS Access as the parameter we get the following results:

Parameter Query with parameter MS Access

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