Create Query and Report

Watch the video on how to create a query and a report in MS Access:

How to create a report and a query in MS Access

In the last video we learnt how to identify the items for our tables. Next we created subject-wise tables. Finally we created a relationship between the tables so that we can use the different items from multiple related tables. To make it easy for the administrative staff to get details of the students, related courses and payments and how the students got to know about the institute, we created a form with two sub-forms. This style of data entry via the student form also helped us to enter data into the relevant tables automatically.

Today we will learn how to create a query from multiple tables and add a calculated field. This calculated field called Balance Due will help us to find out quickly and easily whether the student has paid her course fees or some balance still remains. In case a balance payment remains it will help us to remind the student of her payment.

BalanceDue = [CourseFees] – sum([PaymentAmount])

Next we learn how to create a report that can quickly printout a list of students whose course fees are still due.

Students Query
Students Query on Balance Due
Report on Balance Payment Due
Report on Balance Payment Due