Placing Navigation Buttons on Form

How to place custom navigation buttons on a form in MS Access.

Today we’ll improve the query to add a discount calculation in the fees. The computer training institute accounts officer will add a discount where-ever eligible, the discount will be deducted from the original fees and the student’s balance due will be calculated based on the discounted fees.

Our calculation expression will be as follows:

Fees with Discount: [CourseFees]-([CourseFees]*[Enter Discount without % sign])/100

As shown in the video the value of [Enter Discount without % sign] will appear as a ‘parameter’ and the officer will enter the discount without a ‘%’ sign. Finally the ‘Balance Due’ will be calculated as :

Balance Due: [Fees with Discount]-Sum([PaymentAmount])

Next we have also improved the display of the photograph of the students by changing the property ‘picture size mode’ from ‘zoom’ to ‘stretch’ in the ‘photograph’ area of the ‘property sheet’. This allows the picture to fit perfectly inside the photograph frame. The video explains these changes thoroughly.

Place custom navigation buttons on form

To add custom navigation buttons to the form ‘frmStudents’, we select the button from the ‘Design’ menu. As soon as we draw the button and release the mouse, we are offered different ‘categories’ in the ‘command button wizard’ window that pops-up and the related actions that we wish the command button to perform on click. For the design of the button we can place text or an icon on the button to indicate the action it will perform. For example we can place text like ‘go to Previous Record’ or an arrow icon pointing to the left. In this manner we create the buttons as shown in the image below:

The original navigation buttons on the ‘students data entry form’ can be hidden by selecting the form property sheet and setting the ‘Navigation Buttons’ property to ‘No’ as shown in the image below:

Hiding the Original Navigation Buttons